Chute Control Panel

Birex Chute’s control panels are vital for managing garbage and linen chute systems. They facilitate door control, compactor activation, and ventilation management. Equipped with sensors, they offer real-time monitoring and feedback on system conditions, while programmable settings enhance customization. Safety features ensure user well-being, and integration with building systems streamlines operations. User-friendly interfaces and remote access capabilities optimize efficiency, backed by Birex Chute’s commitment to reliability and innovation.


Control panels play a pivotal role in the efficient operation of garbage and linen chute systems, serving as the centralized control hub for managing various functions. Here’s an elaboration on the features and capabilities of our control panels:

  1.  Operational Control: Our control panels enable seamless control over key operations, including opening and closing chute doors, activating compactors (if applicable), and regulating ventilation systems.
  2.  Monitoring and Feedback: Equipped with advanced sensors and feedback mechanisms, our control panels provide real-time monitoring of chute conditions. They detect blockages, monitor temperature and humidity levels, and promptly identify any irregularities or malfunctions.
  3.  Programmable Settings: With customizable settings, users can tailor the operation of the chute system to meet specific requirements. This includes scheduling door operations, adjusting compactor settings, and initiating cleaning and deodorizing routines.
  4.  Safety Features: Safety is paramount, which is why our control panels incorporate essential safety features. These include emergency stop buttons, interlocks to prevent simultaneous door openings, and alerts for potential hazards or system malfunctions.
  5.  Integration Capabilities: Our advanced control panels seamlessly integrate with other building systems, such as HVAC, fire suppression, and building automation systems. This integration streamlines operations and enhances overall efficiency.
  6.  User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, our control panels feature intuitive interfaces with touch-screen displays, LED indicators, and straightforward menu navigation, ensuring hassle-free operation and monitoring.
  7.  Remote Access and Monitoring: For added convenience, our control panels offer remote access capabilities, allowing authorized users to monitor and manage the chute system from anywhere. Whether on-site or off-site, users can perform proactive maintenance and troubleshooting tasks via mobile devices or central management systems.

At Birex Chute, we prioritize the reliability, functionality, and user-friendliness of our control panels, empowering our clients to efficiently manage their chute systems with confidence.




Why Birex Chute

Birex Chute specializes in supplying, installing, and delivering high-quality control panels for garbage and linen chute systems. Our expertise extends to providing optimal settings tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency.

When it comes to installation, our skilled technicians handle the process with precision and attention to detail. From mounting the control panels to integrating them with existing systems, we ensure seamless compatibility and functionality.

In addition to supplying and installing control panels, we prioritize the use of the best cabling practices. Our team meticulously installs cabling to ensure reliable and robust connections, minimizing the risk of signal interference or downtime.

With Birex Chute, you can trust that your control panels are not only of the highest quality but also installed and connected with expertise and care. We are committed to delivering solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations, contributing to the smooth operation of your chute systems.

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