Garbage Chute System

Explore our cutting-edge garbage chute systems designed for multi-story buildings, offering convenience, hygiene, and efficiency.

Versatile Applications: Tailored solutions for residential, commercial buildings, and malls. Perfect for any duct, lobbies, landings, and kitchens.
Safety First: Our fire cut-off doors, rated at 1.5 hours, ensure a secure environment in case of emergencies.

Indoor & Outdoor Chutes: Choose from our range suitable for internal building structures or external installations, providing flexibility and convenience.

Benefits Galore: Facilitate total building garbage collection, reduce power consumption, and streamline waste disposal with ease.

Expert Installation: Our team ensures seamless integration into various building structures, delivering top-notch performance.

Custom Solutions: We prioritize your unique needs, offering personalized assistance and a range of material choices, including galvanized steel for cost-effective alternatives

components of garbage chute system

The garbage chute system is composed of various components that work together to facilitate the efficient collection and disposal of waste within a building.
GARBAGE & LINEN CHUTES SYSTEM Qatar, Doha and Laundry Chute

Vent Tube with Insect Screen & Exhaust Fan

Ensures proper ventilation and airflow within the refuse chute.

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve

Electrically operated valve that controls the flow of water to the sanitizing unit.

SanitizingFor CHUTES SYSTEM in Qatar, Doha

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit

A unit that disinfects and sanitizes the garbage to maintain hygiene.


Access Door

Provides access to the chute for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Cleaning System & Brushing Device

Specifically designed system to clean the internal surface of the chute.

Control Panel

Manages and controls the entire automated system within the chute.

Intake Throat

Opening at each floor level where waste is deposited into the chute

Hopper Door

Door located at the intake throat that opens to allow waste entry and closes to prevent odors and pests from escaping.


Clamp Ring & Supporting Frame

Holds the chute in place and provides structural support. Ensures a secure connection between chute sections.

Swaged Joint

A joint between chute sections that is typically tapered for a secure fit.

Chute Tube

The main tube through which waste travels from the upper floors to the collection point.

Cleaning & Fire Sprinklers

Sprinkler system for fire protection within the chute.

Fire Cut Off Door

Horizontal rolling door connected to a fusible link.


A bend in the chute system, allowing for changes in direction

Trolley Galvanized Garbage Chute System in Doha, Qatar

Garbage Container

A collection container at the bottom of the chute where waste is accumulated before disposal.

compactor garbage in Doha Qatar


Optional component that compresses waste to reduce its volume before disposal

Materials for Garbage Chutes

Stainless Steel:
Recommendation: Highly recommended for the construction of refuse chutes.
Properties: Resistant to humidity, acid, and alkalis, making it durable in various environmental
conditions. Provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan for the chute system.
Galvanized Steel:
Usage: Used extensively for the construction of refuse chutes.
Characteristics: Offers good corrosion resistance but not as robust as stainless steel.
Typically more economical than stainless steel.

Material Thickness & Gauges:
1.5mm (16 Gauge): Commonly used thickness, providing a balance between strength and flexibility.
Suitable for standard applications in refuse chute construction.
2.0mm (14 Gauge): Increased thickness, offering enhanced strength and durability.
Ideal for applications where additional robustness is required, such as in high-traffic or heavy-use environments.
3.0mm (11 Gauge) (when specified): Heavy-duty thickness, providing maximum strength and durability.
Specified for situations where the chute system needs to withstand extreme conditions or heavy loads.

Standard Chute

Two Bi-Sorters


Birex Chute sets the standard for Garbage Chute Maintenance Systems in Doha, Qatar. Our high-quality services ensure optimal performance, hygiene, and longevity. Trust us for thorough and efficient maintenance solutions to keep your garbage chute systems in pristine condition. Elevate your waste management experience with Birex Chute in Doha, where excellence meets reliability

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