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Parking Accessories

Supplying and installing essential parking accessories, contributing to a safe and well-managed environment.

Your Trusted Parking Accessories Supplier & Installer

We understand the importance of safety and efficiency in parking areas, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products to meet your needs.

Our parking accessories are essential for various applications, including projects, industries, institutions, public departments, and other spaces where vehicle safety is paramount. From speed bumps and traffic cones to corner guards and reflective tapes, we provide everything you need to enhance safety and organization in your parking facility.

Rubber Corner Guard


Heavy Duty PE Wall Guard


Speed Humps Reflective Tapes


Rubber Wall Guard


Wheel Stopper


Our Parking Accessories Services Include:

 Parking Bollards: Supply and installation of robust bollards to define parking spaces and enhance safety.

Wheel Stops: Installation of wheel stops to prevent vehicles from overextending into adjacent spaces.

Parking Signs and Markings: Provision and placement of clear signage and markings for organized and efficient parking.

Traffic Cones and Barriers: Deployment of traffic cones and barriers to manage traffic flow and ensure safety.


Speed Bumps: Installation of speed bumps to regulate vehicle speed within parking areas.

Parking Lot Lighting: Design and installation of effective lighting solutions for well-lit and secure parking facilities.

Security Mirrors: Placement of security mirrors to enhance visibility and reduce blind spots.

Parking Payment Systems: Integration of user-friendly payment systems for convenient and secure parking transactions.

Parking Guidance Systems: Implementation of advanced guidance systems to streamline parking for users.

License Plate Recognition Systems: Cutting-edge technology for efficient entry and exit management through license plate recognition.

Why Choose Birex Chute for Parking Accessories:

Expert Consultation: Our team provides expert consultation to determine the most suitable accessories for your parking space.

Quality Products: We source and supply high-quality parking accessories to ensure durability and reliability.

Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians ensure precise and secure installation, adhering to industry standards.

Custom Solutions: Tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each parking facility.

Safety and Compliance: Prioritizing safety measures and compliance with relevant regulations in every installation.

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